The AluGlass

Aluminium Framed Glass Panel

The One-Stop Customised Decor Panel Solution​


ALUGLASS Aluminium Framed Glass Panel

Aluglass, a clean and modern look for an aluminium-framed glass panel is a contemporary addition to your interior design. It offers innovative solution for your wardrobe system. Interior glass panels always brings more space to the bedroom, creating a timeless and modern design. 

The aluminium frame comes in a variety of different powder coating selections that provides endless design possibilities. The option of new integrated hinge panel utilises specially engineered “Air Hinges” to create a sleek look without visible functional hardware.

Air hinge is an innovative and revolutionary hinge, inserted into the top and bottom of the cabinet and its doors, and is practically invisible. Air hinges are the new fusion of technology and aesthetics.


           ​Possible application areas:

  • Built-in furniture door fronts

Colour Selection


Colour Selection