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Jeanette Aw (Producer, Artist, Film Director)

VIVID High Gloss Acrylic Panel

Eligere Door Panel Series are thrilled & honoured to be mentioned and featured on Jeanette Aw’s Facebook page.  As seen in the photo are our Eligere Vivid High Gloss Acrylic Panel Chalice EM261 in Jeanette Aw kitchen.

A big Thank You to the gorgeous and talented Jeanette Aw & our partner Icon Interior Design for choosing Eligere Door Panel Series as their top choice selection for panels

Photo courtesy of Jeanette Aw
Designer: Icon Interior Design (Wayne) 

Diah Mastura (Blogger)

VIVID High Gloss Acrylic Panel

Extracted from Diah Blog (

“Here’s the thing – so many of us in love with the colour white these days.  Who does not dream of a white kitchen?  Well, I can finally stop dreaming because my kitchen is now white.  Anything white will never fail to give a clean and spacious look. So whether you cook a lot at home, you still can have a white kitchen, all thanks to Eligere High Gloss Acrylic Panel from Sunyu.  And the best things about the panel is, the solid colour runs all the way through, and all you see is flat, polished and lustrous surface.  The panel are totally different from other laminates used for kitchen cabinet.  Maintenance wise is really easy too – a microfiber cloth with mild soap and water is all it take to clean it. “

Photo courtesy of Zee & Marina Photography
Designer:Icon Interior Design (Wayne)

Jamie Yeo (Artist)

VIVID High Gloss Acrylic Panel

Extracted from Icon Interior Design Facebook Page

” A home is unliveable if you don’t have cabinet!  However,  Jamie like thing to be simple, and had us only customise a few pieces of woodwork for her home.  The biggest project from it, are the kitchen cabinets. Bending with the white and airy atmosphere she’s going for, and providing ease of maintenance in the kitchen, Wayne recommended to use white High Gloss Acrylic Panel from Eligere Door Panel Series for the carcass and door panel, for the clean and modern feel to her kitchen.”

Photo courtesy of Icon Interior Design
Designer: Icon Interior Design (Wayne)

BLUM S. E. A., Singapore Showroom

Stay in motion to move forward ideals

Our’s products are honored to be showcased in Blum’s showroom in Singapore.  Our common belief is that perfect built-in furniture should look good, be practical, and last a long time.

With Blum’s fittings, it help us translate ideas into top quality solutions form day one so that you get the quality of living your need. We work together to create a better quality living.

Blum’s focus not on assessing feasibility, but on creating benefits for you. Because it is not about ideas, it is about enabling yours.  They work with you. Blum wrecks their brains to develop and pioneer the future, and deliver solutions that best meet your needs.

​Lets’s talk together – about ideas and solutions for a better quality living.

Photo courtesy of Blum S. E. A., Singapore
Designer: Blum S. E. A., Singapore (Jennifer) 

HÄFELE Singapore Showroom

Finding better ways

Häfele, an international company providing hardware and fitting systems, and electronic locking systems has a rich history that began in 1923. Today, customers from 150 countries rely on Häfele’s expertise and performance.  As such, we are thrilled and privileged to have our products displayed in Häfele Singapore’s showroom. 

The quality of their products adheres to German’s standards, proximate to their business partners. These attributes have been the key to their steady growth through the years. Today, 
Häfele Group Worldwide has more than 7,100 employees in 37 subsidiaries in six continents.

Häfele products and services are always geared to the need and desires of their customers. As specialists with deep industry knowledge, they are committed to delivering the highest level of personal attention and customized service. 

Photo courtesy of Hafele Singapore
Hafele Singapore (Erinna)