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VIVID High Gloss Acrylic Panel


Before use


Vivid High Gloss Acrylic Panel comes with a protective film when initially supplied. This film should only be removed when all trade work has been completed in that area. Once it is removed, it initiates the “curing” process (whereby the surface hardens) which takes approximately 72 hours to complete. It is during this period that the surface is the most vulnerable to micro scratches if incorrect cleaning processes are carried out. The removal of the protective film also creates static which can attract other abrasive materials to the surface.

As such, we recommend to strictly adhere to these procedures upon the removal of the protective film:

  1. Use Vivid Series Plastic Clean & Shine or Novus 1 Clean & Shine: Shake well and lightly spray onto the surface of the panel
  2. Use Microfiber cloth and wipe using a light circular motion.

This will remove any residue left from the protection film and shorten the duration of the “curing” process.

On-going maintenance

Eligere recommends the Vivid Series Plastic Clean & Shine; a powerful cleaning solution for the maintenance of the Vivid High Gloss Panel. It is supplied together with the panel and is available for purchase from our friendly sales executive. This solution:

  1. Acts as a powerful cleaner that does not damage the surface
  2. Removes static from the surface
  3. Leaves a coat of polymer on the surface that aids the curing process and acts as an invisible layer against fine scratches
  4. Resists fingerprints on surface

Eligere also recommends the Novus 1 Plastic Clean & Shine as an alternative that could be purchased off the shelves of DIY shops. It has similar properties as Vivid Series Plastic Clean & Shine.

What to avoid

Under no circumstances should any of the products below be used to clean the Vivid High Gloss Acrylic Panel surface:

  1. Alcohol-based cleaner
  2. Solvent-based cleaner
  3. Abrasive cleaner
  4. Acetone
  5. Turpentine
  6. Petrol, pinewood and oil-based cleaner
  7. Glass cleaner
  8. Cloth other than microfiber cloth




Maintenance instruction
Due to their resistant and hygienic surface, Melame MFC / MFF Decor Panel do not require any special maintenance.  The surface are generally easy to clean. The recommended cleaning methods according to the degree of soiling are as follows:

Light, fresh soiling
Clean with paper towel, a soft cleaning cloth (wet/dry) or a sponge.  If using a damp cloth, dry the surface with an adsorbent paper or micro fibre cloth.

How to avoid streaks
Streaks are often formed when the surface is cleaned with organic solvent together with cold water or old cloths.  To ensure no streaks occur when cleaning, we recommend wiping surface down with warm water and then drying it using normal paper towels to microfiber cloth.

Normal soiling – extended contact time
Clean with warm water, a clean rag or microfiber cloth.  Use normal domestic cleaners or soaps that has no abrasive ingredients.  Then wipe with fresh water, removing all traces of the cleaning agent, to prevent streaks forming. Dry surface with a clean, absorbent cloth or paper towel.

Advice on the cleaning of deep surface structure (NaturalWood)
The deeper surface structure of NaturalWood may seem to be more critical in staining and has a potential damage of the surface.  However laboratory test showed the similar high level of resistance like all other Melame MFC Decor Panel. The cleaning motion should follow the structure direction. In general, the above mention advise regarding Melame MFC Decor Panel is valid.

MICALITE Decorative Laminate Panel / AQUAMAX Decorative Laminate Panel

Due to its resistant, hygienic and dense surface, EGGER laminate micro does not require any special form of care.  The surface is generally easy to clean.  Do not use sanitary cleaners or detergents and abrasive components, as using such cleaners may lead to changes in the degree of gloss / or scratch the materials. 

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