The Micalite

Decorative Laminate Panel

The One-Stop Customised Decor Panel Solution​


MICALITE Decorative Laminate Panel

Sunyu is honoured to be appointed as the sole distributor of Micalite in Singapore. We proudly present to you the full range of Micalite innovative products. Micalite products creates not only aesthetically pleasing furniture, but also provides a healthier indoor environment that enhances how we live, work and play. Since most of us spend majority of our time indoors, it is important that the spaces we inhabit supports health, productivity and happiness.

Micalite’s philosophy is a unique combination of healthier living, functionality, ingenious innovation and high quality, combined with a complete line of colour and decor for our customer’s maximum satisfaction.

Has more than 50 distinguishing colours and decors to choose from ranging from uni colour, woodgrain and material reproduction.  

Possible application areas:

  • Built-in furniture door fronts
  • Sliding door
singapore green label

Singapore Green Label

Singapore Green Label

Singapore Green Label

Singapore Green Label

Singapore Green Label

PUR Adhesive

​The Surface Material

EGGER Laminate Micro

EGGER International, a global family company founded in 1961 with its headquarter in St. Johan Tyrol, Austria, is a full range supplier for wood based materials. They create “More from Wood” everyday with 19 plants in 8 Europeans countries and 9900 employees globally.  

We dress our panels with EGGER Laminate Micro, as we understand how important the surface materials needs to be. This European imported surface materials does not only promise visual aesthetic, it also comes in an exceptional quality with antibacterial properties. 

​Micalite Decorative Laminate Panel comes with dual-sided laminates for visual aesthetic while reducing warpage on its panels. Users are reassured on extreme bonding strength between the core and laminate through utilising Europe-imported PUR adhesive.     

​The Core Material & Edge


Blockboard is one of the top selections when in comes to core materials for door fronts. Quality of core material are achieved through importing from a selected direct source that produces and abides by our stringent standards. To further enhance the visual aesthetic of the product, the full range of Micalite Decorative Panels comes completed with closely matched edgeband materials.

Safe in Any Situation


​Do you know that the Micalite Decorative Laminate Panel comes with an antibacterial surface property? 

Bacteria is transmitted from person to person, or via objects and surfaces. As such, special requirements are needed in built-in furniture and interior design. Easy cleaning as well as the antibacterial property is very important in creating a safe environment for your loved ones. 

EGGER Laminate Micro with antibacterial surfaces:

  • Tested high in antibacterial surface property 
  • 99.9% germ and bacterial free, 24 hours after being cleaned and sanitized
  • Test according to ISO 22196 / JIZ2801 and certified by ‘Hohenstein’, and independent test institute
  • An antibacterial surface property is achieved through thermostat hardened melamine surface
  • Regular household cleaning is required to maintain antibacterial  surface property

​The Indoor Air Quality

HEATHIER Living Space

Many of us often overlook the vast amount of Formaldehyde present in our living space, especially in our newly renovated house. Renovation works emit harmful chemical indoors, particularly from building and furnishing products, which causes watery-eyes coupled with a pungent smell. 

​These Formaldehyde emission results in poor indoor air quality that lead to headaches, fatigue, respiratory irritation and reduces productivity. Studies also show that long-term high exposure to Formaldehyde emission may increase the risk for cancer. 

The raw “pre-laminated board” material utilised to fabricate the door fronts comes certified with Singapore Green Label certification to ensure not only quality, but also a healthier indoor living space for you and your loved ones.        

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