Decor Panel Solutions

The One-Stop Customised Decor Panel Solution

​(Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts)


The cabinet doors and drawer fronts of a built-in furniture is the first thing you see… Why settle for average?

​Eligere offers a one-stop solution for customized door panels. Cabinet doors and drawer fronts are tailored according to your needs. The door panel will be crafted to the requested dimensions and sealed with a matching colour edgeband.  

​Our selections cover unique textures from ultra-high gloss (Vivid high gloss), ultra matt (PerfectMatt) to synchronized wood texture we call NaturalWood. Looking for something modern? We offer metallic decor and modern aluminium framed glass panel (AluGlass) to change the aesthetic of your built-in furniture.

​Selections also include colours and decors in uni and woodgrain to add tremendous impact, warmth, and depth into your home. For those that love a classic theme, we have the Shaker door designs to help you create a timeless and classic look.

VIVID​ ​High Gloss Acrylic Panel

Vivid series provide a sleek, modern appearance with superior gloss and colour depths.

The ultra-gloss surface makes a bold statement for luxury, while the mirror glass surface makes spaces seem bigger and brighter.

MICALITE​ ​Decorative Laminate Panel

Micalite’s philosophy is a unique combination of healthier living, functionality, ingenious innovation and high quality, combined with a complete line of colours and decors for our customer’s maximum satisfaction.

MELAME​ MFC / MFF Decor Panel

Leading the way in innovation, Eligere’s Melame MFC / MFF Decor Panel provides decors and textures that fits desires for products with a natural look and an authentic feel.

The PerfectMatt series reveals very low sheen, matt finish that is inline with the latest Minimalist trend.​

ALUGLASS​ Aluminium Frame Glass Panel​​

Aluglass: a clean look and modern aluminium-framed glass panel that is a contemporary addition to your interior design.​

The One-Stop Customized Decor Panel Solution



VIVID High Gloss Acrylic Panel

Sleek, sophisticated, and glossy surfaces to cater to every whim and fancy. The Vivid Series are created using German laminating technologies and adhesives, offering optimum surface flatness. This means sharper reflection and excellent bonding performance.

Vivid Series comes complemented with a seamless edge, defining elegance coupled with quality innovation to ensure key performance. Its core also contains reduced Formaldehyde emission.

However looks count for nothing if they diminish over time. The Vivid Series are equipped with superior UV resistance to prevent discolouration after prolonged periods.

Available in 5 uni colours and 4 metallic varieties.


MELAME MFC / MFF Decor Panel

Setting the trend in interior design, we included a dual-side design with synchronizing textures we call NaturalWood. When we run our fingers along its surface, there are grains that provides interesting amplitude.


With the texture and feel of the surface now aligned with the grain itself, these surfaces are not only indistinguishable from both veneers and solid wood, they also come with colour continuities between batches. They are also light-fast.


The PerfectMatt series meets the demand for higher-quality finishes that appears in some of the most sophisticated living spaces. It allows the simplicity of form to speak for itself.


To suit your taste, our Melame MFC / MFF Decor Panel comes in 51 creative colour and decor patterns and innovative surface structures, granting your fantasy unlimited freedom.


ALUGLASS Aluminium Framed Glass Panel

Eligere’s latest Aluminium Framed Glass Panel offers innovative solution for a wide variety of applications.

Interior glass panels always bring more space to the bedroom and create a timeless and modern interior design.

​Made of superior quality aluminium frame and tinted glass with a varieties shades to be chose from.   


MICALITE Decorative Laminate Panel

Micalite products do not only create aesthetically pleasing panels, they also provide a healthier indoor environment that enhances how we live, work and play. Since most of us spend majority of our time indoors, it is important that the spaces we inhabit supports health, productivity and happiness.

Combining quality blockboard core with imported EGGER Laminate Micro and sealed with closely matched edgeband, every single detail is taken care of to craft the masterpiece.

We understand that every space are a reflection of you. Therefore we scour the most unique collection of colours and decors for you to enjoy for a lifetime.

Be spoilt by the complete range of 17 uni-colours, 30 Woodgrain decors and 4 material reproductions.

Contrast Texture


Another option is to use the texture contrast. It’s not bold, just different.

Since there is a higher tendency for lighting to  highlight the upper cabinet, using Vivid High Gloss Acrylic Panel will make the upper cabinet look glossy and attractive, while adding a sense of openness.

Melame MFC Decor Panel’s Naturalwood is a good choice for lower cabinets since they are likely to have wear and tear.

The kitchen in these two photos shows a very natural and elegant woodgrain alongside a super clean and contemporary gloss effect.