The Melame

MFC / MFF Decor Panel

The One-Stop Customised Decor Panel Solution​


MELAME MFC / MFF Decor Panel

We strive for authenticity in all our decors, thus we pay special attention to not just the look but also its feel. Our textures adds expression and character, depth and realism, all with the aim of making them indistinguishable from the original material.

Comes in special textures like the PerfectMatt (ultra matt) and NaturalWood (synchronised woodgrain) as well as classic decor design in uni, woodgrain and materials reproduction. All colours and decors comes completed with closely matched edgeband to achieve visual aesthetics.   

There are also new metallic tones for a modern look and a touch of glamour. 

Possible application areas:

  • Built-in furniture door fronts
  • Sliding door
  • Room door 

​The Ultra Matt Texture Selection

MELAME MFF Decor Panel (PerfectMatt)

The Eligere Melame PerfectMatt series sets itself apart from other furniture finishes with its high quality. The special anti-fingerprint property prevents unsightly fingerprints on the surfaces, considerably reduces the amount of cleaning required. The trendy, warm and velvety design invites you to touch, creating a feel-good factor.  

​Above Aesthetic Standard


With the advancement in technology, we are proud to introduce a new edging method that offers visually zero joints.

The “zero joint line” are achieved using a special edgebanding tape that has a functional layer. This layer is fused to the substrate during the edgebanding process by means of thermal techniques: the edge is applied to the panel by interpenetration of the polymer into the panel fibres. The thermal edging techniques also further enhances the panel against water and moisture.

Low Formaldehyde


Ultra Matt

Seamless Edge

​The Synchronized Texture Selection

MELAME MFF Decor Panel

Decors and textures that not only recognises the desire for natural-looking but also authentic-feeling products.

Recent advancement in product development has created our NaturalWood series, a next generation development, that aligns the texture and print to create a high value finish. We call this synchronised texture a reproduction of veneer and solid wood look-alike.

The name NaturalWood hints the visual and sensory experience, thanks to the perfect coordination of texture and decor. NaturalWood not only recognises the desire for natural-looking but also authentic-feeling products. Run your fingers along its surface; there are grains that provides interesting amplitudes. 

Authentic Solid Wood Top?

ENDGRAIN Edgeband​

It is no longer just a dream to own a table top or door panels that look like authentic solid wood all thanks to the innovative NaturalWood series. Complement the end-gain edging with its annual rings for high authentic results. They are available in several decors chosen for their highly natural wood effect.

Decors selection that come with End-grain option

  • NWE601 Sand Gladstone Oak
  • NWE606 Tobacco Gladstone Oak
  • NWE608 White Gladstone Oak​
  • NWE611 White Halifax Oak
  • NWE612 Natural Halifax Oak
  • NWE613 Tobacco Halifax Oak

Singapore Green Label

Ultra Low Formaldehyde


moisture resistant

Moisture Resistance

Synchronised Woodgrain

Endgrain Edgeband
(Selected Model)

​The All Times Classic Selection

MELAME MFC Decor Panel (Uni / Woodgrain / Metallic)

Woodgrain ​​decor brings cosiness to every interior while Uni colour evokes a desired mood or encompasses a particular style. Woodgrain decor is one of the best ways to add warmth and depth into our home. They make a house feel homey and more liveable.

​Uni colour has the power to completely change your home. Colour expresses and affects who we are. It has tremendous impact on how we feel in our home and the way it presents itself to visitors.

Modern metallic accents can bring glamorous shine or industrial feel into modern interiors. Metal accents enrich interior design by adding reflective polished surfaces and unique textures. 

Singapore Green Label

ultra low formaldehyde

Ultra Low Formaldehyde


Moisture Resistance

​Simple Yet Highly-Adaptable Style


Our selected range of colours and decors from Melame MFC / MFF can produce Shaker designs. Shaker door designs are one of the most popular styles for built-in furniture fronts. It has been around for over 100 years and its influence can still be seen in many interior designs.

It keeps the core ethic of Shaker society where strength and stability is achieved through efficient design, containing only the practical things. The basic Shaker door adheres to these factors with a simple five-piece construction made of a flat central panel surrounded by a raised square frame.

Our Shaker design panels completes the look of your home with its bold yet simplistic design; An authentic look that will complement the contemporary, modern, craftsmen and mid-century style homes.

Singapore Green Label (Selected Model)

Ultra Low Formaldehyde (Selected Model)

Low Formaldehyde


moisture resistant

Moisture Resistance (Selected Model)

Ultra Matt (Selected Model)

Synchronised Woodgrain (Selected Model)

Endgrain Edgeband
(Selected Model)

SHAKER DOOR Design Selection

5 Pieces Design (Frame Type)
5 Pieces Design (Frame Type Glass)
3 Pieces Design (H Type)

​A Piece of Homespun Yet Country Nostalgia


Nothing opens your home better than sliding doors which creates flow and harmony to even the most restricted spaces. Sliding barn door ideas are flooding the style world at the moment, with interior designers around the world finding ways to integrate these timeless pieces into functioning additions.

Different types of entryways benefit from a sliding door implementation. While you wouldn’t think a farmyard staple would offer much versatility, Eligere’s sliding barn door design proves that there’s a piece of country chic for every abode.

Handcrafted to make every piece unique with our selected range of Melame MFC colours and decors, our farm-inspired barn doors are built with pride and quality in mind. They are produced with top quality material in unique textures to enhance the natural beauty of the woodgrain and uni colour variations, with surfaces that promises long-lasting everyday use.

Singapore Green Label

Ultra Low Formaldehyde


moisture resistant

Moisture Resistance

Synchronised Woodgrain
(Selected Model)

BARN DOOR Design Selection & Sizes

Double Z Design | Z Design

Barn doors comes in 2 design styles:
  • The double Z design
  • The Z design

3 Standard Sizes (Length x Width):
  • 2135mm x 915mm
  • 2440mm x 915mm
  • 2745mm x 915mm

The Origin of Material

MELAME MFC / MFF Decor Panel

Eligere’s Melame MFC / MFF Decor Panel are produced using EGGER Eurodekor MFC / MFF boards supplied by EGGER international. EGGER international is a steadily growing, global family company founded in 1961 with its headquarters in St. Johann in Tyrol (Austria). As a full-range supplier of solid wood-based materials, they create “More from Wood” every day with 10,100 employees around the world.

EGGER is represented by 20 plants worldwide, with more than 26 sales offices around the world.

​Greener Tomorrow with EGGER

The EGGER MFC / MFF Decor Panel

Sustainable Forestry
Supporting the conversation of wood as a resource, priority are given to the processing of wood from certified forests. All wood purchased are monitored with a strict control process within the scope of EUTimberReg and other forest certification systems i.e. FSC and PEFC.

Innovative sawing technologies as well as the use of fully integrated plant guarantees significant advantage. Direct link with the rail network provides environmentally-friendly transportation and supply structure.

Wood Materials Production & Upgrading 
To continually improve the environmental performance in the production process, internationally certified energy and environmental management system.

Products Environmental Performance

Full transparency with the aid of Environmental Product Declarations. This provides end users with important information on the environmental and health aspects.


Recycled wood consisting of waste wood and disposed goods, and those deemed not fit for sale are prepared and used for particle boards production.

Renewable Energy
Biogenic fuel that can’t be used in products are transformed into heat and environmentally-friendly electricity.


​Safe in Any Situation


Do you know that the Melame  MFC / MFF Decor Panel comes with antibacterial surface properties? 

Bacteria is transmitted from person to person, or via objects and surfaces. As such, special requirements are needed in built-in furniture and interior design. Easy cleaning as well as the antibacterial property is very important in creating a safe environment for your loved ones. 

​EGGER MFC / MFF with antibacterial surfaces:
  • Tested high antibacterial surface property 
  • 99.9% germ and bacterial free, 24 hours after being cleaned and sanitized
  • Tested according to ISO 22196 / JIZ2801 and certified by ‘Hohenstein’, and independent test institute
  • An antibacterial surface property is achieved through thermostat hardened melamine surface
  • Regular household cleaning is required to maintain antibacterial  surface property

Healthier Living


There are generally a high amount of air-borne chemical pollutants, i.e Formaldehyde, emitted from building products after a renovation. These pollutants cause poor indoor air quality leading to headaches, fatigue, respiratory irritation and reduced productivity. 

​For sensitive individuals, acute exposure will result in more severe syndromes and lead to serious health implications. Research studies also suggests that long term, high level exposure to these chemical pollutant may increase the risk of cancer.

EGGER’s range of MFC Raw Boards sets above the minimum requirement of Formaldehyde emission standards set by the World Health Organization. It abides by the strict Japan Formaldehyde emission regulation of F**** coupled with moisture-resistant capabilities.

The Ministry of Environment Singapore’s (MOE) guideline for good indoor air quality is to have a Formaldehyde level lesser than 0.1ppm.

Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) also recommends consumers to use Green Label-certified products to protect themselves against extreme Formaldehyde exposures. In 2013, CASE received more than 12 complains from home owners in regards to health discomfort caused by renovation work.

EGGER Eurodekor MFC Decor Board’s Formaldehyde emission are rated 0.03 to 0.04ppm, almost similar to the amount of Formaldehyde found naturally in the environment.

Eurodekor MFC boards supply by EGGER has obtained
​”Singapore Green Label Certification”.
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